Old Capital Building

  • Design Firm

    Merik, Inc

  • Owner

    Georgia Military College

  • Location

    Milledgeville, GA

Circa 1807, the Old Capitol is considered the first example of Gothic architecture in a public building in the United States. It served as the seat of government for the State of Georgia from 1807 to 1868, and in its legislative chambers the Secession Convention was held in 1861. Since 1879, Georgia Military College has occupied the historic site. The building underwent a $10 million renovation in 2000 and reroofing project in 2016.

Merik provided design professional services and field observations for a total reroof of the building. While considered a successful roofing project, intermittent leaks continued despite efforts to identify and correct.

Merik and the Roofing Contractor undertook a comprehensive leak investigation that resulted in a successful resolution of wall entry leaks. Moisture scans with infrared and capacitance equipment, high voltage electronic leak detection, core cuts and spray rack testing of the roof and walls pinpointed the water entry issues. All building leaks were identified as through the parge coated cementitious block walls. Masonry restoration efforts ultimately eliminated the intermittent building leaks.

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