Park Hall – University of Georgia

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  • Design Firm

    Merik, Inc

  • Owner

    University of Georgia Board of Regents 

  • Location

    Athens, Georgia

  • Construction Cost


This project is located on the historic north campus of the University of Georgia. The design criteria required maintaining the integrity of the building appearance while eliminating the severe leakage problems at penetrations and the perimeter of the roof. Seasonal building maintenance required traffic across the roof resulting in breakage of the natural slate shingles. After 65 years of service the roof had failed.

Internal copper gutters were eliminated and new drainage into thru-wall scuppers in the parapet walls was constructed. A 50 year warranted synthetic slate shingle was installed on all steep slope roof areas. New copper dormers, valley metal, step flashing, collector boxes and downspout were specified.

Merik conducted the roof survey, specification development, construction contract administration, construction observation and final punchlist inspection.

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