July 2016 Merik Newsletter

This country will not be a good place for any of us to live in unless we make it a good place for all of us to live in.

-Theodore Roosevelt

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Happy Independance Day to All of Our Clients & Friends!

We at MERIK hope that you had a great long weekend, a fantastic first half of the year, and we hope that you have a even better second half of 2016! 


Now let's get back to work!



Merik is looking to hire senior level personnel who are skilled in building envelope construction and problem solving. This position could lead to partnership within the firm! Please see our website for further information. 

Construction Trends for the First Half of 2016

Kim Slowey notes that the first half of 2016 had some notable stories and trends that could affect everyone in the the construction industry. How could it affect you and your business in the second half of 2016?



QA & Due Diligence Inspections

Merik’s clientele is as vast and varied as any company could want. From  Fortune 500 companies to private building owners, we've worked for all kinds of clients. And the Merik service that they all have request is Quality Assurance and Due Diligence Inspections. Whether wanting to know if your potential building purchase has properly functioning exterior walls or questioning if you need a new roof system on your existing building, Merik can help you understand your building's current exterior envelope needs and, through their detailed reports, help you plan for its future needs.



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