Aderhold Wall Restoration

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  • Condition Assessment Firm

    Merik, Inc

  • Owner

    University of Georgia

  • Location

    Athens, GA

Just across Green Street from the Biotechnology Center stands Aderhold Hall, complete in 1971. This seven-story structure contains offices and classrooms for the College of Education. O.C. Aderhold, for whom the building is named, graduated from the university in the class of 1923. In 1946, he became dean of the College of Education and in 1950 he was chosen as the seventeenth president of the university.

With 46 years of service, the original aluminum framed operable windows were experiencing air and water leakage. A condition assessment was undertaken to determine whether repair or replacement of more than 240 punch windows was required.

Merik conducted the window and brick wall survey, which included water testing, sealant inspection, brick and mortar inspections. The assessment recommended window repair.

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