Georgia Archives Building

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  • Owner

    TUFF Archives, LLC

  • Management

    Board of Regents
    University System of Georgia
    Office of Real Estate and Fac.

  • Location

    Morrow, GA

The Georgia Archives is the official repository of archival records for the state of Georgia. The Georgia
Archives' collections include the founding documents of the state, such as the Royal Charter that created
the colony of Georgia in 1733 and the Ratification of the United States Constitution, the 1788 document
that made Georgia a state.

Merik evaluated the existing exterior walls, fenestration, roofing, waterproofing, and related elements to
develop recommendations and an opinion of probable costs to address the immediate water leakage
issues and long-term building enclosure needs over a period of ten (10) years. Critical assessment of the
overall condition of the roof required a multi-faceted field-testing approach.

A thermographic infrared (IR) moisture survey (pictured above) was performed of the membrane roof
systems via aerial drone to determine the extent of any possible entrapped moisture in the roof assembly.
Non-destructive capacitance readings and destructive roof cores were made to verify the results of the IR
survey and to determine the as-built roof assembly.

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