Stonewall Tell Elementary School

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  • Design Firm

    CDH Partners, Inc.

  • Owner

    Fulton County Schools

  • Location

    College Park, GA

Fulton County School System has approximately 94,000 students who attend classes in 58 elementary
schools, 19 middle schools, 15 high schools and 7 charter schools. The system serves the area of Fulton
County outside the Atlanta city limits. It is the fourth largest school system in Georgia.

Merik has provided building enclosure consulting services and acted as design professional on more than
50 projects since 2001. In April of 2020 Merik was contracted to provide quality assurance and quality
control services for two reroofing projects.

Our scope of work included submittal review, attending preconstruction meetings, construction
observations and final inspection with closeout testing. Moisture scans of the newly installed roofing with
capacitance equipment and high voltage electronic leak detection (ELD) were performed at the closeout of
work to pinpoint damage and eliminate roof leakage.

ELD testing can locate punctures and pinholes through the membrane that are difficult to find by normal

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