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Building Enclosure Consultants

Building Enclosure Commissioning

Our Building Enclosure Commissioning program guarantees that you’re targeting all possible vulnerabilities in your building enclosure. We also offer full scope commissioning services through our partnership with Abbeville Commissioning.


Save money on repairs and maintenance COSTS

Undetected or poorly addressed vulnerabilities in building enclosures are the leading cause of high maintenance and repair costs. We turn things around for you by carefully locating all possible causes of building enclosure failures in your building. 


Our BECx program is designed to handle various consultation requirements for all prone enclosure systems. Through our program, our clients enjoy benefits such as reduced level of risk, reduced claims and callbacks, and overall improvement in building enclosure performance. 

To ensure that our BECx program is competent, unbiased and follows industry standards, we’ve modeled our program after the NIBS (National Institute of Building Sciences) Guideline 3-2006: Exterior Enclosure Technical Requirements for the Commissioning Process. 

Below are some samples of the tests and standards we’ve used throughout our commissioning projects: 


Our commissioning services encompass all phases of the building construction process – from pre-design to project completion.

Pre-Design and Design Phase:

  • Establish the client’s Building Enclosure requirements (OPR) and scope
  • Design phase consultation
  • Technical review critique of drawings and specifications
  • Value analysis review and recommendations

Pre-Construction Phase:

  • Bid and proposal reviews
  • Submittal and shop drawing reviews
  • BECx verification plan and checklists development
  • Pre-construction meeting
Construction Phase: 

  • Mock-up inspection and testing for performance measurement and verification
  • Quality assurance observations with interactive reporting
  • Quality control testing: water resistance, airtighness, thermal performance

Project Close Out: 

  • Project close out reporting , final inspection, warranty inspections

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