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We strongly believe that leak-free buildings are key to a successful build. This is why at Merik, Waterproofing is one of the most critical services we provide. Water intrusion – whether in the form of rain or simply moisture, can cause extensive damages to a building. Water will always find a way inside a building and it will eventually expose weaknesses in the build. Our goal is prevent these types of weaknesses from destroying the whole building enclosure system. 


Increase the long-term performance of your buildings

Merik has profound and strong technical understanding of water infiltration issues at grade and below-grade locations. This allows us to effectively detect problems in a system and provide recommendations that work. Our technological expertise and experience also allows us to design complete and comprehensive waterproofing systems – inclusive of redundancy and drainage systems.

Merik - Waterproofing Services

Tailored WaterProofing Process

Waterproofing systems vary from building to building, depending on various factors such as the building’s design, location, materials used, and more. Though these waterproofing systems may vary, Merik continues to uphold a forensic and surefire approach to designing, building and repairing these waterproofing systems. 

Below are two projects with different waterproofing approaches – but both addressed comprehensively and efficiently.


Merik worked on the waterproofing system for the Spring Street Building on the campus of the University of Georgia, which was renovated in 2021 as UGA’s Innovation Hub.  The building supports entrepreneurship, experiential learning and industry engagement as part of the university’s Innovation District focused on “the knowledge-based economy”.


Merik also provided waterproofing solutions for the main campus of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  located in Atlanta, Georgia. An exterior wall constructed of stacked stone had been undergoing water leakage for an extended period of time. 

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