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Forensic & Performance Testing

Building enclosures are susceptible to the elements – water, air, and even heat. When these susceptibilities are not detected, your building enclosure are at risk. At Merik, we conduct testing two ways: Forensic and Performance testing. This allows us to get to the root cause of issues and lead to solutions that are dependable and efficient.

A two-fold building enclosure testing system that works

Comprehensive Testing leads to comprehensive results

We at Merik believe in the power of testing. Without proper and exhaustive testing, any recommendations made for a project can just be a waste of your time, money and resources. This is why we insist in taking a two-fold approach to our testing: 


Forensic Testing

In forensic testing, we do our best to duplicate issues in your building enclosures to effectively determine the cause of a problem. Most of the time, this will require us to conduct numerous tests, conducted with different variables and settings. It’s a challenging  process of elimination but it’s guaranteed to provide us with better chances of identifying the true root cause of a deficiency. 

Performance Testing

In performance testing, we are after a better understanding of how building enclosure products perform. We test for quality of the product as well as quality of the installation. In this type of testing, we only use ASTM standards (American Society for Testing and Materials). We also only use with factory-manufactured and calibrated test equipment to guarantee reliability of results.