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Fenestration Performance Testing


Fenestration testing is equally as important as exterior walls. They help provide the stability that your structure requires. However, because fenestration testing are essentially holes in your wall systems, they present challenges that need to be assessed early on in the construction process and continuously through proper monitoring maintenance. 

Water and air infiltration testing of fenestration units

Test and Certify Critical Fenestration Systems

We highly recommend testing of fenestration systems as part of your quality control process. Issues with fenestration can become costly and difficult to handle over the long run, so we test fenestration units for water and air infiltration issues as early as possible. We will test the following for you:


Meet Performance and quality standards for all fenestration units

All of the testing that we conduct are guaranteed to adhere to industry standards:

To assure that all fenestration units work as intended, and meet performance and quality standards, we recommend building owners and general contractors to carry out testing during two critical periods: 

Prior to Installation

Before installing any fenestration units in your building, we will conduct testing on each type of unit. Unit samples will be constructed and then subjected to testing. This gives us the ability to assess both the unit and the method of installation used. Once these pass acceptable standards, these results will serve as the benchmark to which subsequent manufactured units and installations are assessed. 

Prior to Project Closeout

Next, before a project is closed, we will also conduct testing on a specified number of fenestration units, determined by the project designer. In case not all units can be tested, we can sample a minimum of at least 5% of all units. 

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