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Preserve Historic Buildings

Historic Structures

Merik supports all initiatives in preserving and restoring historic structures. The challenges for these types of structures are magnified due to varying technologies and standards used at their time of construction. However, we at Merik welcome these challenges and are excited in working with you to preserve and restore your historic building. 


Stewards of Historic Structures

Historical structures are not just for show, but they do have a story to tell. You can rely on us to help you preserve those stories for us and future generations to enjoy.

We have the technical expertise and experience in working with sensitive historic structures and building elements. Our expertise includes:


Safeguarding historical builds

There are many ways to address historical structures: through preservation, rehabilitation, reconstruction, or restoration. Any of these four types of work can be challenging. Materials and methods or techniques used in building these structures are very different from technologies and availability of materials we have today. The strength of materials, their composition, and their properties are either stronger or weaker than those that we have today. The workmanship involved is also different. 

At Merik, we carefully address these types of projects. We adhere to published Preservation Standards by the U.S. Secretary of the Interior, and we also follow our own strict guidelines for protecting historic structures. 

Once we carefully assess the current condition of historic builds, we will work with building owners to provide them with the best course of action for the project. We provide recommendations that are keen to consider the needs of the owner, the structure itself, and of the greater community. 

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