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Building Enclosure Assessments

Condition Assessment Survey

A full assessment of the condition of your building is always key to making the right choices – whether you’re looking to change ownership, simply assessing your the condition of your structure, or looking to make improvements to your building. 

Inspections that matter

Prevent Hazards and Make The Right Calls

The quality of assessments or inspections that you get are very critical to determining the future of your building. Apart from understanding the current condition of your building, Merik’s Condition Assessment Surveys will unlock information that will help you understand financial impacts, safety hazards, and life cycles associated with your building. 



We take a serious approach to our Condition Assessment Surveys. We employ our staff’s technical expertise and state of the art testing equipment to create a final report that is fully reflective of your building’s current state.

All aspects of a building are investigated extensively with due diligence. We determine not only deficiencies but as well as the remaining service life of various aspects of your building – roofs, windows, walls, and more. 

Here is a complete list of what our inspections cover:

Fully Tagged Reports

Once a condition assessment is carried out, we will supply you with our report. The Merik Quality Assurance and Due Diligence Report will reflect the following: