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Centers For Disease Control and Prevention


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The main campus of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

An exterior wall constructed of stacked stone had been undergoing water leakage for an extended period of time. Merik used a spray rack, non-destructive moisture meter and infrared camera to test the wall for water entry.

Infrared camera provides an initial indication that water entry to the interior CMU block wall is underway.

Efflorescence (white) stains from previous leakage is visible on the interior surfaces of the CMU wall. Visible water on the interior wall was observed 20 minutes into the testing.

The exterior stone was removed to expose the damp-proofing treatments on the CMU wall.

A two-coat application of liquid applied waterproofing membrane was installed over the existing CMU wall with the existing wall ties left in place. The coating was inspected, and deficiencies were corrected before the work progressed.

New cavity drainage media was installed over the CMU and waterproofing to create an uninterrupted water drainage plane behind the stone veneer.

The repaired area of wall at the completion of the CDC wall investigation.