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The Spring Street Building on the campus of the University of Georgia was renovated in 2021 to reopen as UGA’s Innovation Hub. The building supports entrepreneurship, experiential learning and industry engagement as part of the university’s Innovation District focused on “the knowledge-based economy”.

Soil was excavated and a new below-grade foundation wall was constructed against the existing brick foundation for application of new waterproofing materials.
Liquid applied waterproofing membrane is installed to a film thickness of 120 dry mils. Detail work is done with a trowel into interior and exterior corners. Protection course and a drainage mat are installed over the completed membrane system.

Roller-applied liquid membrane is installed at the specified 120 mil thickness. Repair of cracks and detailing at moving joints and other special conditions requires application of reinforcing fabric.

Additional flashing at penetrations and change of plane conditions is required prior to completing the waterproofing membrane and installing protection course and drainage mat.

Application of the liquid waterproofing membrane system is substantially complete. Protection course and drainage mat are to be installed. Final detailing at the top termination of the waterproofing and tie-in with the existing cladding system will be performed to integrate the below-grade and above-grade portions of the walls.